Revisiting Proposition 54 – collecting racial information

Affirmative Action Some years ago, a Supreme Court case involving an applicant who brought suit alleging that the admission policies of the University of Michigan were discriminatory, renewed a heated national discussion on affirmative action, race-based preferences and the merit of diversity criteria in schools and workplaces. While the Supreme Court’s decision upheld the use […]

The Battle of Atlanta

In the summer of 1864, after many years of war waged in the Western Theater of the American Civil War, the destruction of Atlanta becomes the goal of the Union Army. The North can see an opportunity to end the Civil War with a decisive victory in the deep South and, thus, end the prolonged […]

Chief John Hicks

“Tuko-see-mathla is one of nature’s noblemen. He is nearly six feet two inches in height; finely formed; his figure combining strength with gracefulness; or, I might say, perfect ease in all his attitudes and gestures. The expression of his fine open countenance is habitually mild; but as he grows earnest in conversation, you see arise […]

General John Forbes

Well educated, he was accepted and commissioned as a Lieutenant in the Scots Dragoons. A capable and effective soldier like so many of his clansmen, John Forbes won praise from General Lord Ligonier and others. His first significant appointment was as Quartermaster General in the Third British Army of the Duke of Bedford. Later, as […]

Osceola, the Man and the Myths

Over the last few years of doing educational programs and living history, I have been trying to put to rest some of the myths surrounding our favorite Seminole, Osceola. Problem is, there has been so much written about him from the very beginning that is just not true. Other people read these things, and not knowing […]

A Bit of Texas History

Alonso Álvarez de Piñeda, a Spanish explorer, was actually the first European to set foot on Texas soil in 1519, as many myths about the ‘Seven Golden Cities of Cibola’ was bringing a lot of Spanish fortune seekers from Mexico to Texas. In 1682, Spanish missionaries were setting up the first missions in the El […]

Sources Of Texas Cultural Pride

Texans are absolutely proud of their state and very proud that they are Texans. As far as Texans are concerned, all things are better here in Texas. A popular bumper sticker is reading ‘I wasn’t born here, but I got to Texas as fast as I could.’ I’m working together with a man who grew […]

History of Edmond, Oklahoma

At noon on April 22, 1889, everything changed at Edmond Station on the Santa Fe Railroad line. In the morning there was station agent, John W. Steen, his wife and 2-year-old son and a couple of railroad workers. By nightfall, there were 100 to 150 people, mostly men, busy trying to organize a town and […]